What on earth is
"Puppy Play?"

So, what's the deal with "puppy play"? It can go in so many different directions. Fundamentally, it's a role play in which at least one person plays the part of a puppy or dog. It can range from innocent and playful to a little kinkier.

Play together
Play & Bark

Many puppy players (puppies and leash owners) are simply looking for a balance to their stressful daily lives and have found a way to escape for a while by playing puppies and playing together.

More than just playing
Gear & Fun /

Gear (i.e. fetish clothing in the broadest sense) and more than just playing together is a big part of the puppies and handlers. They are mostly dedicated to their role, and it is more than just a "hobby" and stress reliever.

Awwrrooo & Wraff
Fetish & BDSM 18+

This place is all about clear affiliation and connection with the classic BDSM fetish, and a clear distribution of roles. It's for those who know what they want and what awaits them.

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