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Wie würde deine
eigene puppy hood aussehen?

Mit dem Puppy Hood Designer kannst Du Inspiration für eine eigene Puppy Hood sammeln, die zu deiner Puppy Persönlichkeit passt.

Bitte beachte, dass dies kein Shop ist. Du kannst hier keine Puppy Hood kaufen.

Rechtlicher Hinweis: Es ist nicht beabsichtigt, in irgendeiner Weise Werbung zu machen oder Verkäufe zu fördern. Wir geben niemals personenbezogene Daten ohne Deine Zustimmung an Dritte weiter.

Hey there It's Jax here, and I just had to drop in to say "Hi".

I'm Stefan from Germany, but everyone calls me Jax, and I'm making this web app as a private, non-commercial project to support the community as good as I can. It's my baby, so I'm putting all my heart and soul into it. Since more than 5 years I'm spending so much time and even using some of my own money to make sure it runs smoothly. (So far I spent more than $809 only for hosting and hundreds of hours for the development and maintenance).

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You're about to configure a product that's worth more than $170, so why not spend just $1 on the tool that'll help you get the most out of it? Please think about it twice! We are so lucky to have your support.

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The incredible product behind that adorable puppy hood
You're about to configure a custom puppy hood with the model name "NEO601c", which is manufactured by the amazing Mr. S Leather in San Francisco, USA. This pup hood is made of neoprene, which is so soft and stretchy that it's incredibly smooth to wear.

Curious about puppy play? If so, click here to get some information!

Which one is your preferred rendering engine?

Jede Vorschau ist unverbindlich Bitte respektiere das Urheberrecht und mach keine Screenshots und verwende oder teile die Renderings nicht ohne Erlaubnis.

Starten wir mit den Basics Starte mit den Basics Zeige deine Puppy-Persönlichkeit

There are three types of black: Smooth black is the smooth and bit shiny neoprene material, that (for example) the default neoprene hoods by Mr. S Leather are made of. Matte black (or Nylon Black) is a more rough, fabric-like material you may know from the muzzles. And Black textured is like the smooth black but with a honeycomb-like pattern all over.

Choose the ear style What should the ears look like? Choose the style of the ears How should the ears of your custom puppy hood look like?

In the next step, you get to choose the material and colors for some details to underline the base mood of your puppy personality.

One single eyebrow or two eyebrows? Choose your eyebrows

Create the muzzle, details and styles What should the muzzles of your custom puppy hood look like? Create your muzzle

Within the next step, you can choose the material and the colors for some details to set some accents to your custom puppy hood. To show your puppy personality even better, you can choose between one of four additional styles for your muzzle.

Please choose one additional style for the muzzle

The additional styles add even more details of your puppy personality to the hood.

A jowl adds a sweet detail to the muzzle

You can only choose one addition style for your muzzle, but the muzzle is attached with five snaps. So it would be possible to attach different muzzles to your puppy hood.

Design the snaps

We've got a little extra for you: The color of the snaps

Design the snaps

Please note that these options are not available by default and has to be requested as a special wish.

The only size that matters is the size of your hood. To find the perfect size of your hood, please measure carefully.

The chosen size of your custom puppy hood will not be rendered for the preview, but the information will be saved to the hood code if you create one.

Du liebst deine Puppy Maske so sehr wie wir?

Erstell jetzt deinen Hood Code, teile deine Puppy Maske mit deinen Freunden und erzähle ihnen von deinem neuen Puppy Hood Design.

save & create a hood code

Congratulations: Your hood code is PUP123456, and it contains your custom puppy hood configuration. It is available on

You want to say "thanks"? If the Puppy Hood Designer has helped you find your perfect custom puppy hood and you want to send a little gift to Jax (the creator), you can checkout Jax's wishlist on Amazon. Hugs, Cookies & Thanks Yours Jax

With a hood code, your configuration is saved, and you can open it again. Or you can share it with friends so that they can see your custom hood. Please note that the generated hood code may not be permanently valid. It may be that the created hood code contains a different configuration at a later point in time.

Hoods, Puppies and Cookies

The Puppy Hood Designer was created by Jax, a human puppy from Germany, and was released in 2019. I have kept this project free by investing my own resources to maintain it for the community, and I intend to continue doing so.

You want to say "thanks"? If the Puppy Hood Designer has helped you find your perfect custom puppy hood and you would like to send a little gift to Jax (the creator), you can check out Jax's wishlist on Amazon. Hugs, Cookies & Thanks Yours Jax

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The whole puppy hood designer is developed by Jax in several hours with lots of love for the community.

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Get inspiration and pawesome tips from other human puppies all around the world.

Hey there! Do you have any questions?

What's the Puppy Hood Designer?

Hi there I'm Jax, the creator of the Puppy Hood Designer. I spent countless hours developing it, and I'm so excited to share it with you! Up to this point, there was no way to get a preview of a custom puppy hood from Mr. S Leather.

When I was trying to decide what to do, I only had two options: I could either order a custom puppy hood without knowing what it would look like, or I could create software and a rendering engine to give me a rough preview – and then I published that tool for the community.

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How should I care & clean my neoprene puppy hood?

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Why is there only one hood model available?

The Puppy Hood Designer is a private website. You can find all the ways to support the project here.

The Puppy Hood Designer is created by Jax. The basic design of the puppy hoods is the property of Mr. S Leather.

This website is non-commercial only and not made for any commercial purposes. It is independent of and not influenced by Mr. S Leather. This website is intended to be used for visualization of customized K-9 Puppy Hoods and demonstration of the development project itself and dev-skills only. The Neoprene K-9 Puppy Hood is the property of Mr. S Leather, San Francisco. There will be no sales generated or orders placed or should be mediated by this website at any time. Mr. S Leather has granted permission to publish this website without any restriction. Legal Notice & Imprint | Cookie Settings