This is the story
behind the Puppy Hood Designer.

More than 44.891 individual custom hood codes have been created – until now.

Hey there I am Jax and I developed the Puppy Hood Designer a several years ago over many hours, days and months. The reason for this was very simple: Up to this point, there was no way to get a preview of a custom Puppy Hood from Mr. S Leather.

So my only options were to either blindly order a custom Puppy Hood and hope for weeks that the result matched my own ideas, or to develop software and rendering engine that could at least generate a rough preview.

How was the project published?

I also asked my friends for their opinion and more and more often the question came up about how they could create such a preview themselves.

So I worked on creating an interface that was as easy to use as possible. In April 2019 I was able to release the Puppy Hood Designer in official consultation with Mr. S Leather and the tool went around the world.

If the Puppy Hood Designer has helped you find your perfect, individual Puppy Hood, we'd love for you to support the project! You can find all the ways to do so here. Hugs, Cookies & Thanks Yours Jax

The Puppy Hood Designer is developed, maintained and hosted entirely at my own expense for the community. There is no commission or contribution for sales or other compensation or similar from the manufacturer for this project.

The Puppy Hood Designer is a private website. You can find all the ways to support the project here.

The Puppy Hood Designer is created by Jax. The basic design of the puppy hoods is the property of Mr. S Leather.

This website is non-commercial only and not made for any commercial purposes. It is independent of and not influenced by Mr. S Leather. This website is intended to be used for visualization of customized K-9 Puppy Hoods and demonstration of the development project itself and dev-skills only. The Neoprene K-9 Puppy Hood is the property of Mr. S Leather, San Francisco. There will be no sales generated or orders placed or should be mediated by this website at any time. Mr. S Leather has granted permission to publish this website without any restriction. Legal Notice & Imprint | Cookie Settings